Baptism, Membership, Child Dedication


Anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

It is a step of obedience and an opportunity to show others that you love Jesus and desire to walk in obedience with Him. We practice believer’s baptism in that salvation always precedes baptism in the Scriptures. It is an outward sign of what has taken place inside the heart of a believer in Jesus Christ.

Baptism has no power to provide forgiveness and/or redemption, and it does not play any part in the salvation of your soul.  It is a picture of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  It is also a symbol of what took place in your heart when you placed your faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin:  we become dead to our sin (going under the water); our sins are washed away (symbolic washing by water);  we rise again to a new life in Christ (coming up out of the water).  We use immersion as our method of baptism because we believe that is the method that is modeled in Scripture - and the symbolism of immersion also demonstrates most clearly what baptism is all about.

If you have trusted Him alone as the necessary sacrifice for your sin - the One who has paid the debt of sin on your behalf - and you have made that a personal decision between you and God, then the Bible says it is time for you to be baptized!  You can get a baptism/membership application at the church or click here to download it.




Christian parents have a responsibility to raise up children in the way they should go.  We encourage parents at Bright Hope to dedicate themselves to the purpose of raising their children in a home where God is honored and taught with the prayer that someday, their children will acknowledge Jesus as their personal Savior.  Parents are to seek help from the local church in pursuing these purposes.

The church responds by assisting the parents in every way possible.  At Bright Hope, our church commits the following to our families:

“We will share the responsibility for the spiritual development of these children by helping to bring them to saving faith, and then maturity in the Lord.  We will uphold them with Christ’s love, teach them the Word of God, and encourage them, being careful not to bruise a tender life by harsh words, quick judgments, or cruel criticism.  We will, by God’s grace, exhibit godly characteristics before them and their families so as not to hinder the working of God in their lives. We will encourage and actively support each of these parents in the sacred responsibility of parenthood given to them by God.”